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Eight Things to Know About Trial:

  1. The person defendant is not the true defendant. The true defendant is always an insurance company. Unfortunately, the fact that the insurance company is the true defendant can not be disclosed to the jury.
  2. Defense counsel works for the insurance company and is paid by the insurance company.
  3. Insurance companies do not always offer compensation for injuries because they believe juries are gullible and angry about frivolous lawsuits and therefore can be convinced the plaintiff (injured person) is either lying or exaggerating his/her claim.
  4. The doctors testifying for the defendant have no obligation to tell the truth or be objective and fair. Unfortunately, to many trials have been lost because a jury thought that because the defense, which is put on and paid for by the insurance company, put on a lot of experts, the defense must be right.
  5. The defense doctors (experts) are hired by the insurance company to convince the jury that the plaintiff (injured person) is either lying or exaggerating his/her claim. In other words, doctors testifying for the defense are paid to advocate for the defense regardless of the truth.
    The only doctors that should be trusted are the treating doctors or medical providers. Unlike "retained experts" who advertise their services to testify at trial and make a considerable living doing so, the treating doctor or medical provider is injected into the lawsuit because of his/her status of being the doctor that treated the plaintiff.
  6. The number of lawsuits have actually decreased over the last ten years, contrary to what the insurance companies and the media want you to believe. Check for yourself. And ask why would corporate America and the media want you to believe that the number of lawsuits has increased?
  7. In civil trials, the burden of proof is the preponderance of the evidence meaning that a normal person weighing all of the relevant evidence would consider the charges more likely true than not. Preponderance of the evidence is sometimes characterized as 51% certainty.

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